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My Pilot offers a fresh take on development and design, our exuberance for creativity knows no bounds. Our design team is full of incredibly talented individuals who are constantly coming up with new ideas, and we work hard to ensure that the best of these make it to our final designs.

We build websites from scratch and customize templates using HTML and CSS to create a website that suits your business needs. We discuss your requirements, you tell us what you need a website for, then we can suggest the ideal type of layout or template that will allow you to reach out without any hassles.

We do everything from designing logos and branding identity through to web design, hosting services and search engine optimization packages (SEO)


Our experienced team allows this beautiful marriage between true data and art in the digital world to change the way you attract customers.

Brand Creation

What makes a brand? It’s more than just the name or logo that you put on your packaging. Your brand is everything. If it’s done correctly, it is what differentiates yours from the competition and drives sales.

Our team is ready to create a successful brand identity for you, no matter if you are in search of new ideas, need to develop your current branding strategy and company culture or want to refresh an old one with a new touch of creativity.

My Pilot creates and deploys successful brand identities for the real world to connect with.  Our staff is a mixture of creative and professional people with a wide range of abilities. Our clients get to benefit from our expertise across a broad spectrum of disciplines, together with our insights into what makes a brand successful.

Our Services

Strategic Analysis

We analyze your brand for its competition, brand identity, and sales methods to create and build a better business model for your business or show how to minimize the amount of loss. We offer a strategic analysis on your personal brand and your company's brand. We help you design and develop valuable strategies that will provide you with new opportunities to sell more products or build a stronger online presence for yourself

Building a successful business is not easy and many companies can be found falling short in one or more of the fundamental areas that create a strong business model. What are those? The three Ps: People, Process, and Product.

Strategies that work tend to follow one of the four main strategies: A - Focus on what you offer B - Offer products aimed at a specific niche C - Make customer testimonials and reviews stand out D - Create brand awareness through advertising campaigns

We have experience with all these methods and more.


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